Helping Kenya

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Outfitters for Adventure administrative support comes through volunteerism and other funding sources, and therefore 100% of your gifts go to the people of Kenya. There are several ways you can support our work in Kenya. Outfitters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and will provide giving statements for tax reporting.

If you would like to help support our work in Kenya, print this page, complete the information requested, and mail it with your check to:

Ruth Thielke
511 E 4th St
Morris, MN 56267

Ruth can be reached for further information at:


City                                                                            ST:          zip:
I would like to sponsor _____ children. ($264/yr per child)
I would like to help with the food shelf.
I would like to help fund a roof. ($250 per roof)
Use my gift where most needed.
I would like to become a member of a future Site Visit Team.

There are several ways that you can help the people of Kenya through the Kenya Fund.

1. Reach Out to the Children of Kenya (ROCK)

$264/year or $22/month to sponsor a needy child


Mary and Ellie. In 2004 Mary encouraged our team to begin helping needy children.

You can sponsor one or more needy children through donations to ROCK. Sponsorship of one child is $22/month or $264/year. Although you will be asked each year if you want to continue your sponsorship, our hope is that when you agree to be a sponsor, you will make a commitment to provide the finances needed for that child’s food, housing, and clothing until they reach the age of 18 years.

2. Food Shelf for HIV/AIDS Group – gifts accepted in any amount

Over 80 widows and their children are receiving grain through the food shelf.

HIV/AIDS group at food shelf

HIV/AIDS group at food shelf

     In 2013 a woman thanked Neil telling him that because of the food shelf, they are no longer starving. There is a growing group of adults with HIV or AIDS, mostly widows, who are being cared for by a woman in one of the churches. She provides Christian teaching, helps the people get to clinics where medication is available, and she helps distribute food as donations can be made available. With medication the patients are able to maintain fair health, although not able to overcome the illness. In 2012 there were 40 in the HIV/AIDS group who were receiving care. In 2013 there were around 80, and the group continues to increase.

3. Roof Replacements — $250/roof

Kuria new pastor roof (2)

Outfitters supplied roof for house in Kuria

     Most roofs are made of thatch which allows hot air to escape in this warm climate. However, thatch roofs need to be replaced every few years, and the needy families really benefit from our help. Each year we try to replace roofs for those families who are unable to work or whose income is very limited.

4. Heifer Project — $600/cow

     When a cow is purchased for a family, they agree to give the calves to other needy families. The milk from the cow is used by the family.

5. Bibles for schools

The schools need Bibles: Study Bibles, pocket Bibles, and regular Bibles in English.

6. Used laptop computers for schools.
These are used for standarized exams as well as teaching & learning tools.

7. Digital camera for Josiah

Josiah helped translate applications for ROCK funding. A digital camera will help him in his school administrative work.

8. Educational Expenses for deaf mute child

9. Are you interested in joining a future Site Visit Team or perhaps supporting a team member?

Other needs — gifts of any amount are welcome

Neil, Alexina, Esther

Neil, Alexina, Esther

When undesignated gifts are donated to the Kenya Fund they are used as needs arise for hospital care, transportation, school aide, and other needs in Kenya. Through a large gift recently Outfitters was able to purchase a van to transport HIV/AIDS sufferers to nearby villages where clinics are available. The van is also used to help the pastors travel to the villages where they have raised up churches. There are also good Christian schools in the area that we help with costs for running the schools as funds are available. The needs in the Kisii region far exceed ROCK funds. Outfitters for Adventure’s vision is to lend a helping hand to the people of Kenya as we encourage them to trust God. Only Jesus can truly satisfy their needs.

People have been helped and prayers have been answered. One example is Esther who is HIV positive and was near death when our team was visiting a few years ago. The team was able to help her get to a clinic in a nearby city where she received medicine that saved her life. Now her HIV has stabilized. Two of Esther’s children were also testing HIV positive. Alexina was shivering when our team visited a few years ago even though the temperature was warm. Neil gave her a jacket from the donated clothing brought by the ROCK team. She still has the jacket, but more amazingly two of her younger siblings who had been testing positive for HIV are now testing free of the disease. Their healing is a miracle. Keep praying for the people of Kenya. Your prayers are having a strong effect even half way around the world! Praise the Lord!